- Our Story -

It all began in 1982 with one man and a dream.


For more than three decades Mr Syed Latif and his family have been serving fine Indian Cuisine. Whether It's a romantic meal for two or business lunch you will be delighted with the service and food.

Latif is the most famous Indian Restaurant in the city run by Syed Latif, the most experienced Indian Restrauntuer in Newcastle.

For over 30 years Latif Restaurant has offered a fine dining experience and truly delicious authentic cuisine.

We offer a unique party deal for any special occasion all year round. Whether your having a romantic meal for 2, business lunches or group celebrations we offer you two private function rooms for your occasion.

“Best Curry ever.” 

 -   The Bay  -



“Forget the motherland - The best Indian food
is made right here in Newcastle.”

-  Food for Thought  -



“If Curry could sing!”

-  Eating Out  -

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